Shawnee County, KS - Foreclosure Sales Listing (last updated: 5/19/2024 7:04:01 PM)

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Sheriff #:

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Sheriff # Sales Date Plaintiff Defendant Address
Details 24005472 5/21/2024 U.S. Bank National Association Phyllis Wilkes 917 SW Armagh St Topeka KS 66611
Details 24006147 5/28/2024 NewRez LLC dba Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing BRYAN RICHARD 5921 SE 53RD St Topeka KS 66409
Details 24007247 5/28/2024 Nationstar Mortgage LLC Sarah Jean Jones 5001 NW Pueblo Ct Topeka KS 66618
Details 24007135 6/4/2024 DEUTSCHE BANK CATHERINE SHEPHERD 3859 SW WOOD VALLEY Dr Topeka KS 66610
Details 24007138 6/4/2024 Wells Fargo DORIS WRIGHT 1311 N EUGENE St Topeka KS 66608
Details 24007214 6/4/2024 Equity Bank Diana S Hanna 1219 SW Hampton St Topeka KS 66604
Details 24007282 6/11/2024 U.S. Bank National Association Clinton Carlson, R 310 Kellogg Ln Auburn KS 66402
Details 24008699 6/25/2024 METAFUND DAWN PERSHALL 2321 SE KENTUCKY Ave Topeka KS 66605
Details 24008716 6/25/2024 MTGLQ INVESTORS TERRI MACK 813 SE BROOKSIDE Dr Topeka KS 66607