Shawnee County, KS - Foreclosure Sales Listing (last updated: 7/25/2024 11:04:01 AM)

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Sheriff #:

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Sheriff # Sales Date Plaintiff Defendant Address
Details 24011989 7/30/2024 NewRez LLC PATRICK BROOKS, JR 1721 SW 72ND Pl Topeka KS 66619
Details 24012549 8/6/2024 NewRez LLC Amanda L Montei 1022 SW MacVicar Ave Topeka KS 66604
Details 24013385 8/6/2024 Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC Daniel Bailey 6020 SW Burlingame Rd Topeka KS 66619
Details 24013105 8/20/2024 UMB Bank National Association as legal title trustee Amy Vickers 3400 SW AMAROSA Cir Topeka KS 66614