Champaign County, IL - Foreclosure Sales Listing (last updated: 8/8/2022 3:00:00 PM)

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Sheriff # Sales Date Plaintiff Defendant Address
Details 22002402 8/12/2022 Busey Bank Nancy Jo Allen 905 E McHenry St Urbana IL 61801
Details 22002515 8/12/2022 US Bank National Association Unknown Heirs and Legatees of Yvonne Lee, et. al. 401 Brookwood Dr Champaign IL 61820
Details 22002619 8/12/2022 Busey Bank Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Robert V Patton et al 2003 W Kirby Ave Champaign IL 61820
Details 22001804 8/26/2022 MidFirst Bank Julia S Unzicker 911 E Congress Ave Rantoul IL 61866
Details 22001912 8/26/2022 Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC Paul R Brown; Golfview Greens I Homeowners Association 1513 Fairway Drive Rantoul IL 61866
Details 22002094 8/26/2022 Mortgage Assets Management, LLC Unknown Heirs & Legatees of Forest L Poland, et. al 1113 Sunset Dr Rantoul IL 61866
Details 22002095 8/26/2022 US Bank Trust National Association Shandra Summerville, et. al 809 Ayrshire Circle Champaign IL 61820
Details 22002820 9/9/2022 Mortgage Asset Management, LLC Lonnie Eddy; et. al 107 Sheridan St Longview IL 61852
Details 21004420 9/9/2022 Planet Home Lending, LLC Lonnie Hill; Valerie Hill; Unknown Owners and Non-Record Claimants 2212 S Cottage Grove Ave Urbana IL 61801
Details 22002401 9/23/2022 PNC Bank, National Association Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Maggie Clark, et al 407 E Church St Champaign IL 61820
Details 22002572 9/23/2022 JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association Cody W Mcdade 2106 CR 1900E Urbana IL 61801
Details 22002502 10/14/2022 Deutsche Bank National Trust Cristina M Manuel; Brian K Sides 2300 Roland Drive Champaign IL 61820
Details 22002659 10/14/2022 Wilmington Savings Fund Society Kendra N Ozier; Illinois Housing Development Authority 1044 Eastview Dr Rantoul IL 61866
Details 22002875 10/28/2022 Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr Cooper Erin Malloch; English Creek Condo Association; Unknown Owners and Non-Record Claimants 608 English Creek Court Apt A Champaign IL 61820