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Sheriff # Sales Date Plaintiff Defendant Address Attorney Name Parcel #
Details 22000827 06/01/2022 11:00 AM Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. Michael Wolever 205 W Lane Avenue (vacant lot) Lima OH 45801 Kayla M. Campbell 37-1911-05-003.000
Details 22000909 06/08/2022 11:00 AM US Bank National Association Jeffrey J Moore 1265 Latham Avenue Lima OH 45805 Reisenfield & Associates LLC 36-2609-06-016.000
Details 22000910 06/08/2022 11:00 AM myCUMortgage LLC Dylan Starbuck 238 E Main Street Cairo OH 45820 Dinsmore & Shohl LLP 27-3205-01-005.000, 27-3200-01-004.004
Details 22000911 06/08/2022 11:00 AM Wilmington Savings Fund Society as Trustee Floyd E Napier Jr 1433 St Johns Avenue Lima OH 45804 Carlisle McNellie Rini Kramer & Ulrich Co., LPA 47-0612-01-027.000
Details 22000912 06/08/2022 11:00 AM Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Floyd L Upshaw 1307 W Spring Street Lima OH 45805 Clunk Hoose Co., LPA 36-3508-13-003.000
Details 22000913 06/08/2022 11:00 AM Treasurer of Allen County, Ohio John F Johnson Sr deceased 227 N Woodlawn Avenue Lima OH 45805 John R Willamowski Jr 36-3505-08-039.000